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They were newly married, just one year, when Chris and Annamarie moved to McKinney, TX from Washington State. Chris working full time at a local church and Annamarie enlisted by her Aunt Darla to help open a storefront for her flowershop in Grapevine, TX. It didn’t take long for Annamarie to realize she was not just fascinated with the artistic process of design, but with the actual flowers themselves! Over the years of processing boxes and boxes of flowers shipped from all over the world - she found herself considering the farmers, the seeds, the care, and all the steps in between that resulted in the flowers set in front of her.

In 2013 while celebrating their 5 year anniversary touring the New England area, they stopped into a beautiful roadside flower farm. It was then when Chris caught a glimpse of the dream hiding away in Annamarie's heart. One that complimented his passions for the great outdoors and entrepreneurship. They returned to McKinney, TX sharing a quiet vision for their future. 


Here they are now, in the northeast countryside of McKinney, TX where winding roads lead.

A small piece of land filled with big dreams, beautiful flowers, and God's Abundant grace.  


Four very different personalities that all share a love for people, the outdoors and Jesus.


Many different personalities that all love food.


“I see God in the beauty, the awesomeness,
and the power of growth that is both dependent on my actions and independent at the same time.”

Ann Codrington   /   Nisani Farms

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